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2023 Meandering and Musing, Outline Gallery, Lochrin Place, Edinburgh.

2019 Mazes of the Mind, BonBernard Gallery, Shelbourne Road, Cheltenham.

2018 Mazes of the Mind, Eric Liddell Centre, Morningside, Edinburgh.

2014 Fluctuation and Oscillation, Glasite Meeting House, Barony Street,Edinburgh.

2012 Just the Ticket,  Montrose House, Edinburgh.

2011 Ambivalent Space, Newington Library, Edinburgh.

2011 The Boundary between Realities, Berni Gallery, Jersey Arts Centre.

2010 Small Paintings, Fine Art Library, Edinburgh.

2009 Francesca Wilkinson Shaw, Clare Hall Gallery, Hershel Road, Cambridge.

2007 Francesca Wilkinson Shaw, Newington Library, Edinburgh.